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Helloooo world!

Each and everyday, we speak to people in various languages. But do you ever stop to think of what you’re saying? How you say it? Or even how it may sound like to the other person?

Phrases, proverbs and idioms in the English Language has been on this Earth since a long time ago. I tend to be facinated by the wonders of these few words put together to form a whole different meaning. Some complementing each other by others contradict one another.

What I aim to do with this blog is to share my thoughts and opinions on some of the more known phrases, proverbs and idioms that we use everyday but never stop to realise about. What I put on this blog may be on the same page as your opinions. So I do welcome your thoughts and suggestions too. And may I remind you, there is no right or wrong on opinions. So feel free to comment!

I do hope I get to shed some light on some things that aren’t thought about a lot. At times, I may also include other languages that I find interesting. And if YOU have anything you find interesting and relevant, DO SUBMIT IT TO ME.

Thank you! =)