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I am sure many of you have heard of these two idioms :

  • The more, The merrier
  • Less is more

The more, the merrier is used to say that when there is more of a thing, it would be made better. Take a party for example, when there is more people attending a gathering, it is usually much more fun. Hence, it is more merrier as more people would provide more fun. This idiom is more of an encouragement.

The latter is used to say that you don’t need much of a thing for it to be better. It is saying that too much of that thing would not bring any benefits. Take the same party for an example. If there are too many people at this party, it would be hard to interact with everyone. Hence lesser people would let you get to know the people there more. This idiom would usually be used an a consolation.

In short, the first idiom is quantity over quality.
The latter idiom is quality over quantity.

So it is safe to say that these two idioms contradict one another.
Which means you can’t use it in the same sentence unless you want to prove it is total oppposites.

So what do YOU think?