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The proverb opposites attract means that two objects/people are different in nature such as behaviour and appearance usually attract each other. A good example would have to be magnets. Two magnets attract only if both poles are different. If both poles are the same, it would have repelled each other. This proverbs is saying that two opposing things can and will interest the other.

However the proverb above contradicts another well-known proverb that goes, birds of a feather flock together. This proverb is saying that the same type of people will always stick to those who are similar. For example, high school students are usually separated by their differences. The ones who excel in academics would be amongst themselves. The ones who are active in sports would hangout with their own team mates. They would ‘flock’ among their group members.

In the case of human behaviour, which proverb do you think suits humans more?
Would you rather have a life partner who is similar to you and have the same interest or do you think someone who have a total different interest and behaviour would be better?
What do YOU think?