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It’s been days since my last post.
Sorry about that, I was busy with it being Chinese New Year. Yes, I’m Chinese =)
But I am BACK!

Alright, so you’ve most probably have heard of Beginner’s Luck and Practice Makes Perfect. It is pretty common these days but here’s what I thought of, it never really occured to me until recently that both these idioms complement each other.

Take for example, you have just learn your way around playing poker and in the first few rounds of playing, you won the pot. Your opponents would have surely mentioned,
“Nah, it was purely beginner’s luck for you.”
And you would try to prove them wrong and end up broke lose the next few rounds.

Then, they’d probably hand you an advice and say,
“Practice makes perfect. Play a couple more rounds and you’ll be champion in no time.”
Yes, you should probably work on that poker face too

So yes, that’s my first post on complementing idioms/proverbs.

What do YOU think?