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Is it May I lend your pen?
Or is it May I borrow your pen?

What about Can you lend me your pen?
Or how about Can you borrow me your pen?

I have met plenty of people, whether still studying or grown-ups who still cannot differentiate the uses of these two words. They simply just can’t seem to get how it works. So they just choose randomly between those two words and see if they’re lucky. And to be honest, I get a little irked that even when I try to help them correct it, they don’t want to listen.

So I am going to post this online using my way of explaining this to whoever reads this. I hope this can help you see how I overcame this problem with Borrow and Lend.

Yes, I did have a problem with this once. Thanks to my sister, she cleared the air.

Alright, to use BORROW is as if you are using the word TAKE.
Just think of replacing the word take whenever you plan to use the word borrow.
And for LEND, replace it with the word GIVE.

So, for example I’ll use the one on the top:

May I GIVE (replaced from lend) your pen?
May I TAKE (replaced from borrow) your pen?

So, which one sounds right to you? The second line clearly shows that it is the right one. Thus the correct term in this question is BORROW. 

Try this:

Can you GIVE (replaced from lend) me your pen?
Can you TAKE (replaced from borrow) me you pen?

I hope you chose the first line, because if you did then you’re right which means… YOU’VE GOT IT! YAY! Thus the correct term is LEND.

So I hope this helps and it certainly does for me.
Think of more examples and practice it on your own or even get someone to test you. After a few tries, you will definitely get the hang of it. Who knows? You might even be correcting someone else’s mistakes then!

So remember, BORROW = TAKE and LEND = GIVE.