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Here’s a very literal irony, it has been known that a cat supposedly owns nine lives. They can climb trees and roofs and jump down from a few stories high and still walk calmly giving its best catwalk to whoever that’s watching. Cats can paw their way through small and narrow spaces so they can escape quickly. Thus they have nine lives which would mean that they had cheated death eight times before? Probably.

So what about the saying that is, curiosity killed the cat? Was the cat so curious on his ninth life that it led it to its last breath? I guess being a cat has its pros and cons. Pro, you get nine lives to live. Con, you are murdered by your own curiosity.

Of course, that was all very literal. The proverb A cat has nine lives means, a person who gets plenty of chances. And the proverb Curiosity killed the cat translates to beware of poking your nose into the affairs of others as it may get you into trouble.