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The title says it all.

It’s been more than four months since I last wrote on here. I can’t even think of an excuse anymore. Truth is, I started my degree year and it has been tough. 2012 was my foundation year so it was not that difficult. However, degree life is no joke, let me tell you that.

To rub salt into this wound (in this case, I would refer to it being worse since I explain the irony behind this idiom here), I am furthering my studies in Actuarial Science.
Yeap. As much as I love the English Language and other languages in this world, I also have a knack for numbers and statistical thinking.

I was once told by a professional in this field that only a mere 30% of those who are studying this course make it through. You read that right.
Only thirty percent.
Well, that must have been years ago. I can’t be sure of that now but based on my results of my first semester in my first year, I can understand that.

It was tough, I have to admit. I once thought I was a Math whiz in school but then I realize school levels are not even close to this. Well, you know what they say,


So I shall be tough and I shall get going!
I am going to pull up my socks, turn over a new leaf and ace my next semester with flying colours!

*wow, that was cheesy*

In all seriousness, I really want to get great (not just good) results and aim for a first class honors when I graduate.

As for this blog, I will keep it going when I am not busy pulling up my socks and turning over that leaf. After the previous semester, I truly understand that tomorrow never comes. It is a warning not to put off things till later or they will never get done.

So, I have a couple of ideas and ironies in mind and they will be posted up within this month and so on.

I honestly do not know if there are people who actually read my posts.
I see the statistics and there are views and visitors on this site but that’s it.
I don’t really know if there are anyone who agree with me or otherwise.
If you see this, do say hello and have a say on here!


When the going gets tough, the tough gets going
When the situation worsens, those who are bold and strong rise to meet the challenge

Pull up your socks
To make an effort to change your ways for the better

Turn over a new leaf
To make an effort to change your ways for the better

Ace/Pass with flying colours
To obtain great results or outcome