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This is just a thought of my own, I wouldn’t call it a solid one as everyone takes it differently but…

A man’s best friend is his dog,and

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

So what about human’s best friend?
Is there something or someone that both the male and female can agree on is their best friend in general?
Would it be a dog or diamonds?
(Yes, I know diamonds are a metaphorical phrase for being materialistic, but let’s look at what the phrase is saying on its own for awhile)
Or is it something else completely?

What is your take?

I’d like to put in my two cents and say that a human’s best friend would be their confidence.
Dogs will be loyal if you treat them right and diamonds can get you as far as money would buy you. However, I feel that with the right amount of confidence, it can be your best friend and help you when you need that extra boost to go that extra mile. I say right amount, because too much confidence would only destroy you in the long run. So having just enough confidence can be your best friend in life!