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Rumours are terrible. Yes, I do know that this isn’t something new. You’ve probably heard about this plenty of times but I just have to have my say in this as well.

We do it every day, without even realizing we are doing it. It slips out of our tongues just as easy as we compliment people even if we don’t mean it. It’s a habit, a bad one. One we should all try to reduce. Gossip a little less, talk less about that girl whom you think is trying to sabotage you, don’t tell everyone that the quiet guy at the corner is a weirdo even if he’s one.

I’m bringing up this because fling enough dirt and some will stick. When you attack an opponent repeatedly, some of the accusations will be believed.  It affects the first impression you would get when you actually meet this person that you were told about before. Chances are, that rumour you were told will stick with him under your impression. Now, wouldn’t that be such a downer if you were on the other end where you were being judged instead?

A similar proverb would be give a dog a bad name and hang him, in which, ruin someone’s reputation and they will never be able to re-establish themselves. Sounds harsher in that way, doesn’t it?

Then again…I guess it’s in our human nature to talk about anyone and everyone.