Blogger’s Say

I am from the land of Malaysia (Google it.)
I blog about whatever comes to my mind about the ironies and weirdness/awesomeness of the English Language.
Preferably more on phrases, idioms and proverbs.
However, I do also post about other languages if they are relevant and amusing.
I idolize William Shakespeare and his works. Be prepared to see some Shakespeare related things here too.

I try to shed some light on things you probably would not have thought of about these collection of words.
I hope I did.

I may not always be right about what I say, but then again this is my opinion and everyone thinks differently.
Which is why I do accept any submissions, feedbacks, thoughts, opinions and arguments with an open mind.
So if you think I am wrong, feel free to correct me but please, make it reasonable and logical.

I don’t have a schedule where I post everyday or every weekday or anything like that. Whenever something comes along, I post it up. So follow me if you wanna be updated.

At times, I might post some opinions or interests of mine that isn’t related to phrases/idioms/proverbs because I feel the need to highlight these issues.

I hope what I have to say amuses you as much as it amuses me.
Thanks for visiting!


8 thoughts on “Blogger’s Say”

  1. Adrienne,
    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. Good luck as you blog the ironies … lots work with. You’ll always have a post.

    • Gail,
      You’re very welcome and I do love reading thoughts from other people which is why I find your blog interesting. Thank you for your wishes and I’ll be looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. I was googling rubbing salt in wounds as this was what someone did to me. And I found you. I must say I’m interested to look around. And I love the English language.
    Love x
    Aiza from Pakistan.
    Ps. I tried to leave a comment before. If multiple come up just delete them. A bug with my phone.

  3. Hi,Adrienne,
    It gives me immense pleasure to find your blog!
    It is wonderful blog where you have covered many quotations, idioms & proverbs.
    In fact, my blog is also completely dedicated to quotations, idioms & proverbs, your visit will be much more appreciated at my blog!

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