Bucket List

So here are some a lot things I’d like to achieve one day.
(I am a big fan of TV crime shows so expect to see lots of TV-related stuff here)

Any suggestions on how I can be one step closer to crossing them out?

1. Own any electric guitar.
2. Own a Les Paul/Gibson/Fender guitar.
3. Learn to play the drums.
4. Visit Rome and the Vatican City.
5. Write a fiction novel.
6. Be part of a famous rock band.
7. Get a minor role in a big time tv show.
8. Get a minor role in a big time movie.
9. Own an iPhone. (yeah, I’m no tech crazy) I got a Samsung phone instead.
10. Get the courage to sport a bikini at a public beach.
11.  Visit Greece.
12. Go on a road trip overseas with my friends only.
13.  Be tweeted by a celebrity. (Josh Duhamel retweeted me! Eric Dill, Nathan Fillion and Jared Leto tweeted me!)
14. Be followed by a celebrity on Twitter. (Does Joe Porter from These Kids Wear Crowns count? Yeah 😀 Oh and the band, We Are The In Crowd too!)
15. Get over 50 followers on my tumblr.
16. Get over 100 followers on my tumblr.
17. Overcome my problem of how I don’t like shopping for clothes and shoes like how every other girl would love. (I’m getting there!)
18. Have my honeymoon in Greece.
19. Confess to my crush whom I’ve liked since I was thirteen years old.
20. Meet Stana Katic in person.
21. Meet Nathan Fillion in person.
22. Meet Paget Brewster in person.
23. Meet Matthew Gray Gubler in person.
24. Visit the set of ‘Castle’.
25. Guest star in a hit crime TV drama like Criminal Minds, NCIS, Castle, Bones, etc etc.
26. Own a vineyard in France.
27. Have a ‘Chateau’ named after me.
28. Attend any year of San Diego’s Comic-con.
29. Get over 200 followers on my tumblr.
30. Meet Dato’ Lee Chong Wei in person.
31. Get 500 followers on my tumblr.
32. Go overseas. Yeap, I haven’t left my home country since I was born.


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